English Side: 

I do not wish to speak with you, answer your questions, or sign or hand you any documents based on my 5th Amendment rights under the United States Constitution.

I do not give you permission to enter my home based on my 4th Amendment rights under the United States Constitution unless you have a warrant to enter, signed by a judge or magistrate with my name on it that you slide under the door.

I do not give you permission to search any of my belongings based on my 4th Amendment rights.

I choose to exercise my constitutional rights.

These cards are available to citizens and noncitizens alike.


Spanish Side:

Usted tiene derechos constitucionales:

• NO ABRA LA PUERTA si un agente de inmigración está tocando la puerta.

• NO CONTESTE NINGUNA PREGUNTA de un agente de inmigración si el trata de hablar con usted. Usted tiene el derecho de mantenerse callado.

• NO FIRME NADA sin antes hablar con un abogado. Usted tiene el derecho de hablar con un abogado.

• Si usted está afuera de su casa, pregunte al agente si es libre para irse y si dice que sí, váyase con tranquilidad.

• ENTREGUE ESTA TARJETA AL AGENTE. Si usted está dentro de su casa, muestre la tarjeta por la ventana o pásela debajo de la puerta.


Hmong Side:

Koj muaj cai los ntawm tug txhooj cai lij choj:

  • TSIS TXHOB QHIB QHOV ROOJ NAWB yog thaum muaj ib tus neeg tsoom fwv immigration tuaj khob qhov rooj.
  • TSIS TXHOB TEB IB NQI LUS NUG LI los ntawm ib tug neeg tsoom fwv immigration uas xav nrog koj tham. Koj yeej muaj cai tsis hais lus li.
  • TSIS TXHOB KOS NPE RAU DAB TSI LI uas yog thaum koj tsis tau nrog ib tug kws lij choj tham. Koj yeej muaj cai nrog ib tug kws lij choj tham.
  • Yog tias koj nyob nraum zoov ntawm koj lub tsev, nug tus neeg tsoom fwv immigration ntawd seb koj mus puas tau. Yog nws teb tias mus tau, ces maj mam mus.
  • MUAB DAIM NPAV NO RAU TUS NEEG TSOOM FWV. Yog tias koj nyob hauv tsev, muab daim npav no tsa ntawm lub qhov rais kom nws pom los yog muab tso rau hauv qab qhov rooj mus.


Chinese Side:


·      如移民局人員敲門,不要開門。

·      如移民局人員想和你交談,不要回答任何問題。你有權保持緘默。

·      未和律師諮詢之前,不要簽署任何文件。你有權和一名律師交談。

·      如你在家外面,問移民局人員你是否可以離開,如他們答可以,請鎮靜地離開。

·      出示此卡給移民局人員看。如你在家裡。可在窗口或門下面遞出去給他們看。


French Side:

La constitution des États-Unis vous donne des droits:

• Si un agent d'immigration frappe chez vous, N'OUVREZ PAS LA PORTE.

• Si un agent d'immigration essaie de vous parler, NE REPONDEZ PAS A SES QUESTIONS. Vous avez le droit de garder le silence.

• NE SIGNEZ RIEN sans avoir d'abord consulté un avocat. Vous avez le droit de parler à un avocat.

• Si vous êtes à lextérieur, demandez à l'agent d'immigration si vous pouvez partir librement, et si l'agent vous dit oui, partez calmement.

• DONNEZ CETTE CARTE À L'AGENT. Si vous êtes chez vous, montrez-lui la carte à la fenêtre ou glissez-la sous la porte.

Know Your Rights Cards

  • All people in the United States, regardless of immigration status, have certain rights and protections under the U.S. Constitution. The Red Cards were created to help people assert their rights and defend themselves against constitutional violations. Knowing and asserting rights can make a huge difference in many situations, such as when ICE agents go to a home. Red cards provide critical information on how to assert these rights, along with an explanation to ICE agents that the individual is indeed asserting their rights.

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